Employee-Manager Personal Assessments for Business Management
Employee-Manager Personal Assessments and Employee-Manager Personal Profiles
for Effective Business Management.
Employee-Manager Personal Assessments for Business Management by Managing For Success. Employee-Manager Personal Assessments and Employee-Manager Personal Profiles for Effective Business Management.

Improving Employee Productivity

Proper guidance and direction often spell the difference between success and failure of an employee as well as a team or organization.

A Complete System

Computers have manuals - Why Not People? People are unique and must be managed, coached and supported in a way that capitalizes on their uniqueness. The Employee-Manager Personal Assessment and Report is designed to assess an employee's individual strengths and possible limitations and to assist managers and supervisors in developing an action plan for improving employee productivity and overall organizational effectiveness.

Get The Right Information

The goal of the Employee-Manager Personal Assessment is to create a work environment for increased employee productivity and improved employee morale. This creates a win-win situation for both employees and managers. While gathering valuable information, the program reflects a positive concern for both the organization's productivity and individual employee development.

Computer Generated Report

Based on the individual's responses to the Employee-Manager Personal Assessment questions, a personalized computer-generated report details:
• General Characteristics
• Value to the Organization
• Check List for Communications
• Don'ts on Communications
• Ideal Work Environments
• Perceptions
• Motivated Styles
• Keys to Motivating
• Keys to Managing
• Action Plans

Uses For The Employee-Manager™ Personal Assessment

New Employee Orientation

Get each new employee off to a fast, productive start. Build sound employee relationships from the beginning.

Revitalizing Present Employees

Open the door for effective interpersonal communications between managers and employees or members of a team. An understanding of individual working styles can assist employees at all levels in working more productively together and will revitalize the individual and the team.

Coaching and Mentoring

The Employee-Manager Personal Assessment Report allows the manager to give feedback to the employee in a style that they can understand and accept. It makes it easy for managers to gain commitment for improving employee performance and accelerating professional growth.

Conflict Resolution

From time to time people will find themselves in conflict with fellow employees. Finding effective ways for resolving conflicts is easier when you understand each other's working style preferences.

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